Unlike your ex, you won’t regret taking these to bed.

Gina is that person who is going to help you cancel out bad hair days with her signature range of stylish silk hair wraps. Simple, stylish and made for every kind of mermaid.

With each hair type comes a different set of hair care rules. So, to help you but your best tresses forward, I’m breaking down each curl pattern type.

Why You Need To Know Your Curl Pattern (And How To Figure It Out)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the curls on your head showing you a little too much sass.

The 12 Best Products To Help Put The Bounce In Your Curly Hair

get ready to learn the what, the why and the how behind the Curly Girl Method and get set to live your best curly hair life.

Curly Girl Method 101: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Beautiful Curls

Alright Ginas, it’s time to get serious about caring for your curly, wavy or textured hair. Your first order of business?

The Best Hair Salons In Australia For Curly Hair

Welcome to our latest series, Ginas. Through the Journey To Loving Your Curls we will share the curly hair journeys of some amazing curly haired guys and gals.

Journey To Loving Your Curls Feat. Ash Paraskevas

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