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The Buff's motto is skin>makeup. We want you to look like you, only with the freshest, dewiest, healthiest skin possible. We’re cruelty-free and vegan-friendly and believe testing on animals is never OK. We do skincare for girls who know the future of beauty is clean, uncomplicated, and completely customized.

Melanie Grant is an official skin expert at Chanel who counts Victoria's Secret model Elyse Taylor and Australian It-girl Lara Bingle among her list of high-profile client.

Beauty Oil Tips From a Celebrity Skin Expert

This week, we caught up with Elle de JesusThis New Jersey based makeup artist and content creator lives for helping others through beauty education.

Elle De Jesus' Top 10 Beauty Products

I take skin care seriously, but have always filed “double cleansing”—a Korean skincare technique that guys and girls all over the world are adopting—in the too-hard basket.

Do I Reallllly Need to Double Cleanse?

At some point over the past couple of years, the beauty industry decided that the only way to effectively apply your skincare is with a jade roller.

Wait, But Do I Need a Jade Roller?

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