Hi! I’m Shilpa. I’m a freelance beauty and lifestyle writer.

I’m also also the founder of Glowreel: a media startup dedicated to celebrating achievements and amplifying the stories of BIPOC women.

I have a background in public policy, with a focus on social policy reforms. I have significant experience in writing, research, editing and managing/leading teams.

I graduated with First Class Honours in International Relations and Political Science at Victoria University of Wellington.

When I’m not researching stories for Glowreel or writing, you’ll find me chilling with a strong cappuccino or a rosé in hand - depending on the time of day!

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Founder and Editor of Glowreel and freelance writer for beauty and lifestyle publications.

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Gritty Pretty
Girls With Curls: How To Care For Your Curls

Keeping your curls happy and healthy 24/7 might seem like a fantasy. Particularly for those of us who aren’t yet 100 percent sure of what our curl pattern is or if we have more than one on our heads, establishing a routine that keeps your curls bouncy, shiny and beautiful (and one that works every time) can be a real challenge. The good news? Armed with the right knowledge, products and tools, you can rock healthy, defined curls all year round.

Gritty Pretty
Do Dark-Skinned People Need To Wear Sunscreen?

The sun’s UV rays can have a damaging, if not deadly, effect on skin. That’s why we diligently slather sunscreen all over ourselves. But darker skin tones don’t seem to be as affected by the sun as lighter skin tones. So, does this mean darker skin tones don’t need to wear sunscreen? We spoke with four Australian skin and sun care experts to get to the bottom of which skin tones need to wear sunscreen, and why.

Damn Gina
The Best Hair Salons In Australia For Curly Hair

Alright Ginas, it’s time to get serious about caring for your curly, wavy or textured hair. Your first order of business? Finding a hair salon that caters to the natural movement in your hair so you can rock that gorgeous mane you were blessed with at birth!