11 New Zealand Beauty Brands You Should Know About

Shilpa Bhim
Gritty Pretty

New Zealand. Land of some of the best beauty brands around!

New Zealand. Land of some of the best beauty brands around!

New Zealand, aka Aotearoa, is known for its stunning (clean, green) scenery, beautiful Māori culture and delicious sauvignon blanc. But here’s a fun fact about New Zealand that you may not know: it is home to some of the best beauty brands in the world. And, these brands align with New Zealand’s clean, green way of life.

Here, we’ve rounded up 11 New Zealand beauty brands you need to know about. Yes, they’re all available in Australia too–because who doesn’t love to share the good stuff with their neighbours?

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Inspired by the restorative powers of the Pacific Ocean, Syrene is underpinned by the principle that there is purity in authenticity. The brand’s nutrient rich formulas are packed with naturally-derived marine and botanical ingredients and are suitable for use on all skin types. The Aqua Hydrating Masque is every skincare lover’s holy grail!

Syrene is focussed on sustainability too. Almost all of the brand’s products contain collagen, extracted from fish scales. The scales are obtained from the by-product (wastage) of the fishing industry. The algae extracts used in the products are also grown in a laboratory, limiting the harvesting of marine resources. Syrene products are also packaged using recycled ocean waste plastics. So, yes, you’re basically saving the planet while taking care of your skin. Winning!


For the beauty obsessed skinimalist, this natural, all-inclusive skincare brand is all about uncomplicated, multi-functional and highly effective products. Think of it as the beauty revolution you’ve been waiting for! Head to the Two Birds Beauty website and you’ll find two products: the Kansa Wand (an Ayurvedic inspired facial massage tool) and the Replenish & Repair Bio Retinol Serum. In short, simplicity is key.

Two Birds Beauty has been developed for all ages, genders, ethnicities and skin types which is a refreshing change in the industry. The brand is also committed to our planet; all of the products they manufacture are water free and all ingredients are ethically sourced.


If you’re anything of a body care connoisseur, then Tronque is the NZ-born beauty brand for you. Dedicated to creating clean, high-performing skin and body care, the brand is the brainchild of Tanne Snowden, who wanted to create efficacious products with none of the nasties while she was on her own reproductive journey.

Using native New Zealand ingredients to formulate the decadent products (think manuka leaf, red seaweed and kiwifruit seed oil), the sensorial experience is like no other. Whether you opt for a gently exfoliating body serum or luxe body butter, we know you’ll love every minute.


Welcome to the only Māori owned and operated perfumery in the world! Founded by Tiffany Witehira, Curio Noir is steeped in Māori heritage and culture, with Witehira drawing on her own past to respond to the rich and varied history of perfumery.

Curio Noir has a perfumery in Grey Lynn, Auckland, and is stocked in some locations across Australia (in WA, NSW and VIC). And while Curio Noir doesn’t ship their perfumes to Australia, you can order its beautiful scented candles via post. A nicely scented home? We’ll take it!


Aka, the home of the OG shampoo bar! Founded in 2012 by Brianne West, Ethique was born out of frustration for the excessive amount of waste created by the cosmetics industry, with west starting out by creating small 1kg batches with her mum. Fast forward ten years and Ethique is taking over the world–literally!

The brand is available in most global regions and sells more than the shampoo bar. It also sells skincare, lipsticks and products for babies, pets and the home. Sustainability is also (of course) at the core of Ethique. The brand’s ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free and are fairly and ethically sourced. Plus, they are 100 per cent plastic free. Looks like Captain Planet has finally met his match.


Arguably the most well-known NZ-born beauty brand, Emma Lewisham has attracted a cult-following for one very good reason: it works. Innovating what is possible with natural formulas and dedicated to setting an example for corporate change when it comes to sustainability, the brand is a real go-getter.

We love the iconic Skin Reset Serum and the fact that we can purchase a refill to reduce our carbon footprint. As a world leader in eco-conscious business practice, New Zealand should be very proud to call Emma Lewisham one of its own.


Therapeutic skincare that’s inspired by Māori knowledge, Aotea Skincare is proudly extracted, formulated and bottled on its namesake–Great Barrier Island (Aotea is the Māori name for Great Barrier Island).

The brand’s range includes Manuka honey cleansers and creams as well as a beautiful Manuka face oil. In addition to a commitment to sustainability via its circular economy model, Aotea also provides scholarships to Māori youth to attend high school. Do good for your skin, while also doing good for the planet and young people.


Jeuneora first launched in 2016 with its famous Renew+ Marine Collagen Powder. Fast forward to 2021 and Jeuneora launched its skincare range, created with natural skincare ingredients and key active ingredients, making sure your skin was getting ready to glow!

In true kiwi style, the brand is committed to sustainability. Jeuneora is B Corp certified, which recognises its holistic approach to sustainability and its mission to leave a positive impact on the environment, community, customers and employees.


Here to inject colour into your day! With a shade for every skin tone, Karen Murrell’s all natural lipsticks are packed with the good stuff–we’re talking avocado and evening primrose oils, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon, and sweet orange. It’s almost so good you could eat it! When it comes to sustainability, Karen Murell is also all about keeping things natural–from product to packaging.


For a moment of relaxation, Anihana’s range of body and hair care is sustainable, safe, fun and affordable. Tick, tick, tick! From bath bombs to shower steamers and solid moisturisers, there’s something for every step of your relaxation routine. Plus, all Anihana products come in home compostable or recyclable packing, so you can enjoy guilt-free relaxation time.


Essano is here to democratise beauty. The brand is on a mission to ensure quality, natural products that are accessible for all. Best known for its OG Rosehip collection, Essano has now expanded into other ranges including vitamin C and niacinamide.

Essano is also committed to people and the planet. The brand proudly manages its entire production process from concept to final product at its on-site factory. So you know it’s made with extra TLC!