Elle De Jesus' Top 10 Beauty Products

Shilpa Bhim
The Buff

his week, we caught up with Elle De Jesus. This New Jersey based makeup artist and content creator lives for helping others through beauty education. Keep scrolling for the low-down on Elle and her Top ten beauty products.

"Hi! My name is Elle. I’m a full time freelance makeup artist/instructor and beauty content creator living in Weehawken NJ. I’m Latina by birth and I’ve lived in NJ practically my entire life (true Jersey girl).

My interest in makeup/beauty began back when I was a middle school kid. Thanks to genetics, I inherited incredibly dark under eyes from my family (from which side, it’s hard to tell) at a very young age. However it wasn’t until around middle school age, that I began to become aware of how different it made me look from the other girls in school. Super dark eyes, bushy brows and a mustache didn’t have me feeling very feminine or feeling like boys would ever crush on me like they were on other girls.

And as dumb as it sounds now, back then those things totally mattered. I began to dabble in makeup to find ways to hide those imperfections (specifically my under eyes). I got my hands on a bottle of foundation and found the cure to my problem. And that’s where the fascination began! As I got older, I got into performing arts. I wanted to be a singer/actress when I grew up. In college, I majored in musical theatre and for four years, it was my LIFE! Since my love and interest for makeup was still very much alive, I also began to do makeup for our theatre shows/performances on the side. Around the end of my fourth year in college, I had a drastic change of heart and decided my true passion lied within makeup and making others feel beautiful so I dropped out of college to pursue that dream instead. I got a job as a color artist at Sephora and began my freelance work on the side.

I’ve worked on an array of clientele over the years from brides to tv personalities and celebrities as well as high profile social media figures. Those gigs have taken me all over my home state of NJ as well as complete opposite ends of the world like Las Vegas and Bali. Now, I’ve begun to heavily focus on my career as a content creator as well as continuing my one on one lessons and freelance work as a part of growing my own individual business.

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Ole Henriksen Balancing Force Toner

This product basically changed my skin texture. It was technically made to help with oily skin types (I’m dry), but the AHAs & BHAs in it were ideal for me and helped SO much with pore reduction and evening/smoothing out my skin.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

The BEST multipurpose product anyone could ever have. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Where do I begin? This product is basically a thick, intense hydration mask (but the catch is you don’t wash it off so it’s really like a super moisturizer).

Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

Yes, two SF products taking up two spots on my top 10s and for good reason. Another absolute game changer and something that has changed my skin.

When I need total skin rehab, I whip out this. I use it about three times a week max and I barely break out anymore!

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I never stop learning and I'm a true product nerd.

The enzymes and extracts in this along with the apricot seed dissolve any dead skin and tackle any breakouts. It tingles a little which I love and prefer. I apply, keep busy for about 15 mins (I know it’s a lot but it works for me) and then as I’m rinsing, I’ll roll the granules around my face and wash it all off. It’s an exfoliant that truly gives you new skin after washing it off.

Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Any tea tree oil works but this one is my favorite! Tea tree oil is my secret weapon for breakouts. Mostly the red irritated ones I had no business poking at. I dab a little on to the breakout during the day or right before bed (this time of day tends to be the most beneficial). Sometimes I even add a few drops to my moisturizer and just wear on my entire face this way.

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti Pollution Sunshine Serum

Basically, self tanner for your face! I wear this every single day with or without makeup! This stuff is amazing! Being Latina, I tan well in the Summer and I’m obsessed with what a great tan can do for your skin! However, we all know by now, the sun is in fact not our friend no matter how nice it can feel!

Enter D-Bronzi. Can be worn alone but I HIGHLY recommend mixing a few pumps with moisturizer and applying to the face. It instantly tans your face in the most natural way possible with the most gorgeous, glowy affect... almost even looks like you applied a little makeup on! This product is ideal for sensitive skin and does not clog my pores. Unlike other self tanners, I do not breakout from this - it’s unlike anything on the market right now.


YSL Touche Éclat All In One Glow Tinted Moisturizer

Man, do I feel like I’ve tried every foundation on the market or what... my skin type is dry so there’s nothing I personally love more than a good, beaming, healthy skin GLOW.

So many “dewy/glowy” foundations that I’ve tried start off looking wet and dewy but by midday eventually dry down and don’t look as radiant anymore. I’m not saying I want to look like an oily, sweaty mess, but I want something that makes my skin gleam all day long. This product technically isn’t a foundation but I swear by it and it’s the only base that never dries and makes my skin look the way I want for the entirety of the day.

It’s a medium coverage tinted moisturizer (technically not a foundation). Doesn’t feel the least bit heavy, very breathable and if I want extra coverage, I spot conceal with a high coverage concealer prior and then apply two coats of it. It’s absolutely perfect.

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

I am a glossy lip balm addict. Just like I love glowy skin, I’m obsessed with glowy, glossy, hi-shine lips!

I am a huge fan of this brands original lip product, the Lip Sleeping Mask. However, it being meant to be a nightstand product, the packaging was so not ideal for traveling in your pocket or purse on a daily basis (but I absolutely used to do it because the product itself was too good).

Now it’s conveniently in a squeezy tube and in one of my favorite scents, Peach (amongst other scents to chose from).


Nivea Essentially Enriched 48 hr Body Lotion

My favorite and only body lotion that I’ve used for yearssss now.

Not only does it give me intense hydration but it’s very creamy and makes my skin super glowy and glossy after. It’s like I highlighted my entire body on a summer night out! Great for photos if you’re going out considering it makes your skin look like JLo’s. A must!

Conture Skincare Kinetic Smooth Hair Remover

Through the years, I’ve been a big believer in eyebrow razors being the absolute best thing for shaving off that peach fuzz and I thought electrical gadgets were a bunch of fluff after trying so many and then them NOT being better than my eyebrow razor.

I got sent this product recently and though I didn’t have much faith in it upon trying it, it’s changed the game for me! Not only does it remove all of my hair and make me feel baby butt smooth but it’s SO easy and completely painless! I’m hooked! Ask me if I’ve touched my eyebrow razors lately…

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave In Spray

This single-handedly help salvage my hair when I was platinum not long ago and I’ve been using it ever since. One of the only products I use when hair styling. I spray on my damp hair and comb through before blow drying. My hair comes out feeling super soft, shiny and healthy looking every single time without fail!”